Eco-friendly tree removal in Zillah, Chewelah, Yakima and Union Gap, WA

When most companies handle tree removal jobs, they simply shred the wood and trash it. Scott's Tree Company LLC believes wood scraps should be reused for other purposes. In many cases, this wood can be used for fires, mulch or even carpentry work. Don't treat your trees like trash when you can work with a caring team in Zillah, Chewelah, Yakima and Union Gap, WA.

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How do our customers benefit from tree services?

Tree removal projects give us an opportunity to give back to our customers. When you select us for removal services:

  • You'll get a free slab of wood from your tree
  • We'll replant a tree for free
  • You'll know that your wood isn't going to waste

You'll be happy with your property when our tree services are done. Call us today at 509-731-0408 if you have any questions about our process.